UrbanScan: 3D modeling of urban scenes

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  • "How StereoScan Works"
  • "PPR Reconstructions"


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MSc Thesis

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    2. V. Mota, Using Fast Fusion Moves to Solve the Uncapacitated Facility Location (UFL) Problem: Applications in Computer Vision, MSc dissertation (supervisors: J.Barreto and G. Falcão), FCTUC, February 2015

Technical Reports

    1. Carlos Graça, “Fast Parallel SymStereo and UFL (message passing  - max-sum) algorithms applied to Piecewise Planar 3D reconstruction using hybrid CPU + GPU and multi-GPU architectures”, Technical Report, December 2015 (pdf)
    2. João Marcos, “SymStereo Acceleration, Smart Lines Detection and Stereo Datasets Acquisition of Distinct Challenging Urban Scenarios”, Technical Report, 2014

Invited Talks

    1. G. Falcão, “GPUs and parallel computing towards 3D reconstruction” under the participation at the international workshop on “Interactive 3D models from photos”, from the Architectural Democracy Group (http://www.aibeo.com/#!architectural-democracy-research/c1m2d) at the University of Aalto, in Helsinki, Finland, September 2015