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Test Rules

This section describes rules how the functionality of the IT++ library should be verified. In the `tests' subdirectory test files are provided. All functionality should be tested using these test files.

The Test File

Each new IT++ module/class should be accompanied with a test file. The test file is an implementation in C++ that tests the functionality of a function/class or a group of functions/classes called modules. The test file should test relevant parameter settings and input/output relations to guarantee correct functionality of the corresponding classes/functions. The test files should be maintained using version control and updated whenever new functionality is added to the IT++ library.

The test file should print relevant data to a standard output that can be used to verify the functionality. All relevant parameter settings should be tested.

The test file should be placed in the `tests' subdirectory and should have a name ending with `_test.cpp'.

The Reference File

Consider a test file named `module_test.cpp'. A reference file named `module_test.ref' should accompany the test file. The reference file contains a reference printout of the standard output generated when running the test program. The reference file should be maintained using version control and updated according to the test file.

Testing IT++ Library

One can compile and execute all test programs from `tests' subdirectory by typing

% make check

after successful compilation of the IT++ library.

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