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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
itpp::AR1_Normal_RNGFiltered normal distribution
itpp::AR_Filter< T1, T2, T3 >Autoregressive (AR) Filter Base Class.This class implements a autoregressive (AR) filter according to

\[ a(0)*y(n) = x(n) - a(1)*y(n-1) - ... - a(N)*y(n-N) \]

where a is the filter coefficients, x is the input and y is the output

itpp::ARMA_Filter< T1, T2, T3 >Autoregressive Moving Average (ARMA) Filter Base Class.This class implements a autoregressive moving average (ARMA) filter according to

\[ a(0)*y(n) = b(0)*x(n) + b(1)*x(n-1) + \ldots + b(N_b)*x(n-N_b) - a(1)*y(n-1) - \ldots - a(N_a)*y(n-N_a) \]

itpp::Array< T >General array class
itpp::Audio_FileBase class - do not use this one!ACTION: ADD DETAILED DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
itpp::AWGN_ChannelOrdinary AWGN Channel for cvec or vec inputs and outputs
itpp::Base_EventBase Event Class
itpp::Base_Slot< DataType >Base Slot class
itpp::BCHClass for binary, narrow-sense BCH codes
itpp::BERCBit Error Rate Counter (BERC) Class
itpp::Bernoulli_RNGBernoulli distribution
itpp::bfstreamBinary in/out-file Class
itpp::bfstream_baseBase class for binary file classesThis class serves as a base class for the classes bofstream, bifstream, and bfstream. It controls the endianity (i.e. the byte order of multibyte numbers on the disk) of the inhereted classes
itpp::bifstreamBinary Infile Class
itpp::binBinary arithmetic (boolean) class
itpp::BLDPC_GeneratorBlock LDPC Generator class
itpp::BLDPC_ParityBlock LDPC code parity-check matrix
itpp::BLERCClass for counting block error rates
itpp::Block_Interleaver< T >Block Interleaver Class
itpp::bofstreamBinary Outfile Class
itpp::BPSKBPSK modulator with real symbols
itpp::BPSK_cBPSK modulator with complex symbols
itpp::BSCA Binary Symetric Channel with crossover probability p
itpp::CFixComplex fixed-point data type
itpp::CFixed< w, e, o, q >Templated complex fixed-point data type
itpp::Channel_CodeGeneric Channel Code class
itpp::Channel_SpecificationGeneral specification of a time-domain multipath channel
itpp::Circular_Buffer< T >General circular buffer class
itpp::Compare_Base_Event_TimesCompare to events, Returns true if expire time of event1 is larger than the expire time of event2
itpp::Complex_Normal_RNGA Complex Normal Source
itpp::Convolutional_CodeBinary Convolutional rate 1/n class
itpp::Correlated_Fading_GeneratorCorrelated (random) fading generator class
itpp::CPU_TimerA CPU time timer classMeasures the time spent by the CPU on the current process. If two processes are running concurrently, one real seconds equal 5 CPU seconds per process. The resolution is not very good (in the order of 0.01 seconds)
itpp::CRC_CodeCyclic Redundancy Check Codes
itpp::Cross_Interleaver< T >Cross Interleaver Class
itpp::Data_Event< ObjectType, DataType >An Event class that executes a function with some data as input when the event expires
itpp::it_file_base_old::data_headerData header structure
itpp::it_file_base::data_headerData header structure
itpp::DSFMT< MEXP, POS1, SL1, MSK1, MSK2, MSK32_1, MSK32_2, MSK32_3, MSK32_4, FIX1, FIX2, PCV1, PCV2 >C++ implementation of dSFMT random number generatorThe DSFMT class implements parts of the Double precision SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister (dSFM) random number generator. DSFMT directly generates double precision floating point random numbers, which have the IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic (ANSI/IEEE Std 754-1985) format. DSFMT does not support integer outputs
itpp::Dummy_CodeDummy Channel Code class
itpp::Event< ObjectType >An Event class that executes a function when the event expires
itpp::Event_QueueEvent Queue class
itpp::EXITEXtrinsic Information Transfer (EXIT) chart
itpp::Exponential_RNGExponential distribution
itpp::Extended_GolayExtended Golay code (24,12,8)
itpp::FactoryBase class for class factories
itpp::Fading_GeneratorFading generator class
itpp::Fast_ICAFast_ICA Fast Independent Component Analysis (Fast ICA)The software is based upon original FastICA for Matlab from A. Hyvarinen. Fast and Robust Fixed-Point Algorithms for Independent Component Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 10(3), pp. 626-634, 1999
itpp::it_file_base_old::file_headerFile header structure
itpp::it_file_base::file_headerFile header structure
itpp::Filter< T1, T2, T3 >Virtual Filter Base Class.The class is templated as follows:
itpp::FIR_Fading_GeneratorFIR type Fading generator class
itpp::FixFixed-point data type
itpp::Fix_BaseBase class for fixed-point data types
itpp::Fix_FactoryClass factory for fixed-point data types Fix and CFix
itpp::Fixed< w, e, o, q >Templated fixed-point data type
itpp::Freq_Filt< Num_T >Freq_Filt Frequency domain filtering using the overlap-add techniqueThe Freq_Filt class implements an FFT based filter using the overlap-add technique. The data is filtered by first transforming the input sequence into the frequency domain with an efficient FFT implementation (i.e. FFTW) and then multiplied with a Fourier transformed version of the impulse response. The resulting data is then inversed Fourier transformed to return a filtered time domain signal
itpp::Gamma_RNGGamma distributionGenerate samples from Gamma(alpha,beta) density, according to the following equation:

\[ x \sim \Gamma(\alpha,\beta) = \frac{\beta^\alpha}{\Gamma(\alpha)}x^{\alpha-1} \exp(-\beta x) \]

itpp::GFGalois Field GF(q)
itpp::GF2matClass for dense GF(2) matrices
itpp::GF2mat_sparse_alistParameterized "alist" representation of sparse GF(2) matrix
itpp::GFXPolynomials over GF(q)[x], where q=2^m, m=1,...,16
itpp::GoldGold Sequences
itpp::Hamming_CodeBinary Hamming codes
itpp::Histogram< Num_T >Histogram computation class
itpp::I_Uniform_RNGInteger uniform distributionExample: Generation of random uniformly distributed integers in the interval [0,10]
itpp::IFFT_Fading_GeneratorIFFT type Fading generator class
itpp::Impulse_SourceImpulse source
itpp::Independent_Fading_GeneratorIndependent (random) fading generator class
itpp::it_fileThe IT++ file format reading and writing class
itpp::it_file_baseBase class for it_ifile and it_file
itpp::it_file_base_oldBase class for it_ifile_old and it_file_old
itpp::it_file_oldThe old (version 2) IT++ file format reading and writing class
itpp::it_ifileThe IT++ file format reading class
itpp::it_ifile_oldThe old (version 2) IT++ file format reading class
itpp::Laplace_RNGLaplacian distribution
itpp::LDPC_CodeLow-density parity check (LDPC) codec
itpp::LDPC_GeneratorLDPC Generator pure virtual base class
itpp::LDPC_Generator_SystematicSystematic LDPC Generator class
itpp::LDPC_ParityLDPC parity check matrix generic class
itpp::LDPC_Parity_IrregularIrregular LDPC code generator class
itpp::LDPC_Parity_RegularRegular LDPC code generator class
itpp::LDPC_Parity_UnstructuredPure abstract class for unstructured LDPC matrices
itpp::LFSRBinary Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR)
itpp::Line_SearchLine Search
itpp::LLR_calc_unitLog-likelihood algebra calculation unit
itpp::MA_Filter< T1, T2, T3 >Moving Average Filter Base Class.This class implements a moving average (MA) filter according to

\[ y(n) = b(0)*x(n) + b(1)*x(n-1) + ... + b(N)*x(n-N) \]

where b is the filter coefficients, x is the input and y is the output

itpp::Mat< Num_T >Matrix Class (Templated)
itpp::Modulator< T >General modulator for 1D or 2D signal constellations
itpp::Modulator_NCDBase class for vector (MIMO) channel modulator/demodulators with complex valued components
itpp::Modulator_NDBase class for an N-dimensional (ND) vector (MIMO) modulator
itpp::Modulator_NRDBase class for N-dimensional vector (MIMO) channel modulators/demodulators with real-valued components
itpp::MOG_diagDiagonal Mixture of Gaussians (MOG) class
itpp::MOG_diag_EM_supSupport class for MOG_diag_ML() and MOG_diag_MAP()
itpp::MOG_diag_kmeans_supSupport class for MOG_diag_kmeans()
itpp::MOG_genericGeneric Mixture of Gaussians (MOG) class. Used as a base for other MOG classes
itpp::Multicode_Spread_1dMulticode spreading of float symbols
itpp::Multicode_Spread_2dMulticode spreading of complex symbols to complex output
itpp::NameAutomatic naming when savingAn easy way to give a variable a name and optionally description when saving. Usage:
itpp::ND_UPAMReal-valued MIMO channel with uniform PAM along each dimension
itpp::ND_UQAMComplex MIMO channel with uniform QAM per dimension
itpp::Newton_SearchNewton Search
itpp::Normal_RNGNormal distributionNormal (Gaussian) random variables, using a simplified Ziggurat method
itpp::OFDMClass for modulating and demodulation of OFDM signals using the FFT
itpp::PAMM-ary PAM modulator with real symbols
itpp::PAM_cM-ary PAM modulator with complex symbols
itpp::ParserArgument Parser Class
itpp::Pattern_SourcePattern source
itpp::PSKM-ary PSK modulator
itpp::Pulse_Shape< T1, T2, T3 >General FIR Pulse Shape
itpp::Punctured_Convolutional_CodeBinary Punctured Convolutional Code Class
itpp::QAMM-ary QAM modulator with square lattice
itpp::QPSKQPSK modulator
itpp::Raised_Cosine< T1 >Raised Cosine (RC) Pulse Shaper
itpp::Rayleigh_RNGRayleigh distribution
itpp::Real_TimerA real time timer classMeasures real time
itpp::Rec_Syst_Conv_CodeA Recursive Systematic Convolutional Encoder/Decoder class
itpp::Reed_SolomonReed-Solomon Codes
itpp::Rice_Fading_GeneratorRice type fading generator class
itpp::Rice_RNGRice distribution
itpp::Root_Raised_Cosine< T1 >(Square) Root Raised Cosine (RRC) Pulse Shaper
itpp::Sawtooth_SourceSawtooth-wave source
itpp::Scalar_QuantizerClass for vector quantization
itpp::Sequence_Interleaver< T >Sequence Interleaver Class
itpp::Signal< DataType >Signals and slots
itpp::Sine_SourceSine-wave source
itpp::SISOSoft Input Soft Output (SISO) modules
itpp::Slot< ObjectType, DataType >Slot Class
itpp::SND_FormatBase class for SND reading classes (the .au format)ACTION: ADD DETAILED DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
itpp::SND_In_FileA class to read SND-files (the .au format)ACTION: ADD DETAILED DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
itpp::SND_IO_FileThis class is capable of doing both input and output.ACTION: ADD DETAILED DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
itpp::SND_Out_FileA class to write SND-files (the .au format)ACTION: ADD DETAILED DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
itpp::Sort< T >Class for sorting of vectors
itpp::Sparse_Mat< T >Templated Sparse Matrix Class
itpp::Sparse_Vec< T >Templated sparse vector class
itpp::Spread_1dSpreading of float symbols to float output
itpp::Spread_2dSpreading of complex symbols to complex output
itpp::Square_SourceSquare-wave source
itpp::Stack< T >General stack class
itpp::StatA class for sampling a signal and calculating statistics
itpp::Static_Fading_GeneratorStatic fading generator class
itpp::STCSpace Time block Codes (STC) class
itpp::TDL_ChannelTapped Delay Line (TDL) channel model
itpp::TimerA virtual base class for timers
itpp::Triangle_SourceTriangle-wave source
itpp::TTimer< THandler >
itpp::Turbo_CodecTurbo encoder/decoder ClassTo set up the turbo encoder used in e.g. WCDMA the following code can be used (assuming a code block size of 320 bits):
itpp::Uniform_RNGUniform distribution
itpp::Vec< Num_T >Vector Class (Templated)
itpp::Vector_QuantizerClass for vector quantization
itpp::Weibull_RNGWeibull distribution
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