C++ Template Bindings 1.1
Khronos OpenCL Spec. 1.1
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cl::Event Class Reference

Event interface for cl_event. More...

#include <cl.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cl::Event:
cl::detail::Wrapper< cl_event >

Public Member Functions

 Event (const Event &event)
Eventoperator= (const Event &rhs)
template<typename T >
cl_int getInfo (cl_event_info name, T *param) const
template<cl_int name>
< detail::cl_event_info, name >
getInfo (cl_int *err=NULL) const
template<typename T >
cl_int getProfilingInfo (cl_profiling_info name, T *param) const
template<cl_int name>
< detail::cl_profiling_info,
name >::param_type 
getProfilingInfo (cl_int *err=NULL) const
cl_int wait () const

Static Public Member Functions

static cl_int waitForEvents (const VECTOR_CLASS< Event > &events)

Detailed Description

Event interface for cl_event.

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