C++ Template Bindings 1.1
Khronos OpenCL Spec. 1.1
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
cl::BufferMemory buffer interface
cl::BufferGLMemory buffer interface for GL interop
cl::BufferRenderGLMemory buffer interface for GL interop with renderbuffer
cl::CommandQueueCommandQueue interface for cl_command_queue
cl::DeviceDevice interface for cl_device_id
cl::EventEvent interface for cl_event
cl::detail::GetInfoFunctor0< Func, Arg0 >
cl::detail::GetInfoFunctor1< Func, Arg0, Arg1 >
cl::detail::GetInfoHelper< Functor, T >
cl::detail::GetInfoHelper< Func, STRING_CLASS >
cl::detail::GetInfoHelper< Func, VECTOR_CLASS< char * > >
cl::detail::GetInfoHelper< Func, VECTOR_CLASS< T > >
cl::ImageBase class interface for all images
cl::Image2DImage interface for 2D images
cl::Image2DGL2D image interface for GL interop
cl::Image3DImage interface for 3D images
cl::ImageFormatImageFormat interface fro cl_image_format
cl::vector< T, N >::iteratorIterator class for vectors
cl::KernelKernel interface that implements cl_kernel
cl::detail::KernelArgumentHandler< T >
cl::detail::KernelArgumentHandler< LocalSpaceArg >
cl::KernelFunctorKernel functor interface
cl::LocalSpaceArgLocal address raper for use with Kernel::setArg
cl::MemoryMemory interface for cl_mem
cl::NDRangeNDRange interface
cl::detail::param_traits< enum_type, Name >
cl::PlatformPlatform interface
cl::ProgramProgram interface that implements cl_program
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< T >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_command_queue >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_context >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_device_id >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_event >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_kernel >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_mem >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_platform_id >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_program >
cl::detail::ReferenceHandler< cl_sampler >
cl::SamplerSampler interface for cl_sampler
cl::size_t< N >Size_t class used to interface between C++ and OpenCL C calls that require arrays of size_t values, who's size is known statically
cl::stringSimple string class, that provides a limited subset of std::string functionality but avoids many of the issues that come with that class
cl::vector< T, N >Fixed sized vector implementation that mirroring std::vector functionality
cl::detail::Wrapper< T >
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